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In reference to the report on Calcium Supplements No Help For Bones that aired on National Television (TV1) on the 6 o’clock news 11th of November, and the media release of the University of Auckland studies on calcium intake, I accept the scientist’s findings that some of the calcium supplements on the market are ineffective in increasing bone strength.

However, I believe that calcium supplementation is very important for people suffering from osteoporosis.

Results from Massey University research, carried out on behalf of our Company, on The Effect of United Fisheries Limited MCHC Fish Bone Powder on Osteoblast Function and Osteoclast-Precursor Differentiation, showed that fish bone powder has a significant effect on bone cells in-vitro. The fish bone powder had a positive effect on osteoblast function and inhibited osteoclast activity. Further studies will be carried out in the new year.

We have a letter from Oxford Women’s Health in Christchurch to one of their patients:

“11 December 2015

I am in receipt of the copy of your sequential bone mineral density.

I note that you commenced hormone therapy in the year 2000 using oestrogen and a synthetic progestogen at that stage.  Despite hormone therapy use your bone density in your lumbar vertebrae and spine decreased by small amounts each year.  Despite the decrease your bone density has remained within the normal range.  I note however that your bone density in October this year has shown a slight increase in bone density which may be attributable to your intake of a particular form of calcium supplement.  It is unlikely that we can attribute this to hormone therapy which you have been taking for the last fifteen years.”

The calcium supplement referred to in this letter is our “Calcium Fish Bone (MCHC) Powder Capsules”, which the patient started taking in May 2014.

From the many studies available online we have sourced 15 research papers that identify that fish bone powder as being beneficial.

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Based on the global publicity of the University of Auckland research on the effects of calcium supplements, it is my belief that an in depth study should be undertaken on fish bone as calcium supplement.