Customer feedback for Nutri-Zing

My Rough coat collie Argonaut severely damaged his cruciate and was lined up for surgery. However, he could not be operated on. So he was put on a restricted exercise regime and Nutri Zing. He can now use that leg again without the $4000 surgery.
Lisa Zwarts

I personally have recommended Nutri Zing to many of our dog grooming clients and puppy clients. We regularly use the product and it has helped our Border Collie female to the point of her walking again after coming back from an Australian breeder where she had had an accident and was crippled.  Sheena the border collie walks and runs now like any other dog with being on your product of Nutri Zing and went on further to win her Championship Title.
Averil Ross
Secretary, South Island Collie Club

Just wanted to let you know that I have found your product Nutri Zing excellent and have recommended it to many people.  My German Shepherd Dog was diagnosed with severe arthritis last year at the age of 5 years.  Now 12 months later after taking your product he is back into his agility better than ever and a vet check last week revealed he requires no further injections or any other treatment. Thank you for manufacturing this excellent product which has given my beloved boy a new lease of life.
Diane Rowney and “Bowie”